Deep Sleep Hypnosis – A Guided Meditation

Welcome to a deep sleep session. I am going to assume that you are lying in the comfort of your own bed or someone else’s bed. Please cover yourself up with a comfortable duvet if you are cold or lay on top of the duvet if you are getting hot. Fluff your pillow before we begin because I want you to start in the most comfortable position possible. Switch the light off and become aware of the background music in this session. Isn’t it soothing? Allow your thoughts to flow with the calm rhythm of the sound you hear. As you fade the sound of the music just slightly, you grab onto the sound of my voice. Listen to the sound of my voice and the background music in harmonious balance. I want you to close your eyes. Your eyes are feeling droopy now. You have had a long day and your eyes are allowed to feel heavy. Keep your eyes closed and use your sense of hearing to follow my suggestions. You feel a deepening trust in my instructions with every word I speak. Allow my suggestions to flow through your mind, bringing more comfort with each moment.

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You are going to focus on your breathing now. I want gentle inhales and exhales. Keep a consistent rhythm with each breath you take. Feel your body soften further with each exhale. Stop thinking about the thing that just crossed your mind and come back to me. I want you to feel a small wave of guilt for allowing your mind to wander. Now start your breathing over again. Small, shallow breaths—gently in and gently out. Keep doing this till you maintain an even rhythm. Allow your breathing to slow your heartbeat, one breath at a time. Your eyes are feeling more and more drowsy with each beat of your heart. However, something is keeping your mind from giving in to your fatigue. Your mind refuses to shut down and you don’t know why. Shift your focus back to your breathing now and follow the air as it flows into your body. You can feel your body rise and fall as you inhale and follow the flow of air as it exits your body. You are becoming more confident in this session.
I want you to focus on your surroundings once your breathing is even and relaxed. What do you see? You only see darkness but this darkness seems to beckon you. There is a strange comfort in it. I want you to focus harder this time. Listen to your body inhaling and exhaling as you lay there. Indeed, there is something appearing in the darkness. What is it? It’s just a little white speck.
Now I want you to focus on your body. Think about the way your head feels. Does it feel heavy? Strain your muscles a little and hold them for a moment. Feel the tension release from your muscles as you slowly relax them. Now your head feels clearer and more comfortable. Do the same with your neck. Make your muscles tense in your neck and hold for a moment. Count to three in your mind and then you may release them. Can you feel the tension of the day dissipate? All the horrible stress leaving your neck area. You feel more relaxed now.
Bring your focus back to the darkness for a moment before we continue. What do you see now? Oh, the white speck looks like a light, a very distant light. Can you hear any sounds yet? No? I didn’t think so.
Shift your focus back to your body and pay attention to your arms this time. I want you to make tight fists with your hands and hold them. Now you can count to three again before you unclench your fists slowly. Allow yourself to become aware of the sensation of your action. Focus on the negative energy that is leaving your hands. Your arms feel relaxed now.
Go back to the darkness now. What do you see? The light has come closer now. Oh but wait, you can hear a distant sound now too. I want you to focus on that sound for a moment. You feel excited to find out what the sound is but with much focus, you still can’t identify the sound.
Okay, come back to me again. I want you to pay attention to your stomach muscles now. Pull your stomach muscles and hold them for a moment. Keep holding them. Count to five this time and release. Focus on the comfort and relaxation the release has brought you. You are reaching a level of comfort that is strange to you. Welcome this newfound comfort.
Please go back to the darkness. I need you to know that I am here with you every moment of this session. Don’t be afraid of anything. What do you see? The light has drawn nearer again. It’s bright now and you can’t quite make out what it is. Hear my voice speak calmness over you as the light approaches. The sound is getting louder now too but it’s a disturbing sound. It would normally make you worry. However, you are not worried right now. You feel a deep-seated sense of safety in this session. Even though this feels strange and familiar at the same time, you know you must have been here before. You are finding it easier to overpower the sound with the calming background music now. Keep your focus on the music and the sound of my voice.
Let’s return to your body once more. I want you to shift your attention to your legs. If you are not too far into your relaxation, I want you to move your ankles from side to side for a moment. Count to three and stop. Now you may pull your muscles stiff. Please don’t strain them enough to injure yourself. Hold them like that for three seconds before releasing them. Pay close attention to how soft your legs feel now. You are in a deep state of relaxation, a state of mindfulness.
Now I want you to focus on your breathing again. Make sure it remains steady. Feel your body conform to each inhale and exhale. Your arms are too relaxed and you don’t feel the need to touch your body to feel this. You are in an unfamiliar state of mind now. You have become one with your subconscious mind. You feel a deeper need to trust the sound of my voice now as the time draws nearer. All doubts have swiftly removed themselves. It’s just you and my voice now.
Follow me back to the darkness that you have been curious about. There is a certain level of calm in this darkness. As it comes back into your inner sight, you see exactly what the light is. As a matter of fact, the sound is clear and distinct now. You are blinded by the light heading straight at you and deafened by the screeching noise. My voice is never silenced by this unbearable noise coming closer to you. The sound of metal grinding against metal makes you shift your attention to where you are standing. The bright light shows you the tracks beneath your feet. Your mind wanders off to an old western movie you’ve seen where someone looked like a deer stuck in headlights. Please bring your concentration back now. You feel your heart skip a beat for just a split second when suddenly, a great sense of calmness comes over you. You feel safe and accepting of this huge metal train coming your way. You are fully capable of stopping it dead in its tracks.

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This train is filled with memories that plague your sleep every night. It’s also filled with worries about tomorrow, the stresses of today and various other thoughts and feelings. This is your own speeding train of thoughts that disrupts your sleep every night. A monstrous metal machine that won’t leave you alone. This train comes to take away your peaceful darkness every night after you reach the first stage of sleep. It’s a menace that makes you sit up for hours, fighting your heavy eyelids. The sound of this train alone is enough to drive anyone mad. It’s the first time you are facing it directly, identifying it, and visualizing it.
Now I want you to concentrate hard on the background music and the sound of my voice. Keep your breathing steady and use welcomed sounds to drown the noise out. You know you can do it. Breathe in gently and breathe out slowly, one breath at a time. Listen to the calm tone of my voice and allow it to reassure your comfort and safety. Nothing will happen to you because you are stronger than you think. You know that this train is nothing more than a figment of your imagination. You also know that all those worries in the cargo can be dealt with tomorrow. There is no need to face this train now. Tomorrow is another day and trains shouldn’t be running this late. You know your thoughts will be clearer when tomorrow comes.
Now listen closely to my suggestion. Allow every word to resonate through your mind. You have created this train; you have brought the image to life. Only you have the power to erase this image. Your imagination has brought it to life and your imagination will remove it. Now take your attention back to your breathing and focus on your heartbeat. Can you feel the steady rhythm of every beat? Take a moment and count your beats. Follow each beat and feel how it pumps calmness through your veins. Now I know you are ready.
You stand on the train tracks, facing the oncoming train and know that you are now in control. You can control the trains’ every movement. You make the train slow down as you watch the sparks on the tracks from the train’s brakes. The sound doesn’t even penetrate your hearing anymore because you have drowned the sound out now. You can feel the vibrations in the tracks as the train draws nearer but you have no fear. You cannot fear something that doesn’t exist in a physical form. You dig deep in your subconscious and find the strength you need to make this train vanish.
Suddenly, you are transported back into complete darkness. Darkness that feels safe and peaceful. You have successfully stopped the train and you’re alone now. No thoughts or worries can cross your path anymore. Your physical form is feeling feather-light now. You are connected to it and don’t need to leave your darkness anymore. You feel proud of yourself and you have never felt this tired before. Your mind is still connected with your subconscious mind. Give your subconscious mind permission to leave you now. You will be perfectly fine in this quiet space. There are no more possible disruptions. You can feel yourself floating into a deeper, more peaceful state of sleep.

This is going to be a thirty-minute guided hypnosis session to help you drift off into a deep and relaxing sleep. The most important thing to do while listening to this session is to keep an open mind. You must go with the flow, listen to my voice, and remember to breathe.
Remember, it is not always possible to enter a light hypnotic state on the first try, but we are going to try as I guide you gently and smoothly into this state so you can fall asleep. Please bear in mind that you are not going to enter any sort of deep catatonic state. Nothing is going to be physically altered within the realm of your mind. The process of hypnosis and this guided meditation is extremely safe, and you are in control of it.
Now, I want you to get comfortable. Because you are trying to achieve deep sleep, you should be lying down, your head resting on your most comfortable pillow and you are warmed by your softest blanket. Lie back and let your shoulders go slack, relaxing against the cushion of your bed. Gently close your eyes and release all the tension from your muscles. Release the tension in your arms, then your legs. Let go of the tension in your chest and in your back. All of the muscles in your body begin to feel looser and looser and your body is feeling light.
Focus your attention on your toes. Softly wiggle all ten toes once, and then again. Feel the energy released from your movement and the stillness that follows. Your toes are now ready for sleep.
Next, tighten the muscles in your calves and hold for one, two, three seconds. Now release the muscles. Tighten them again for one, two, three seconds. Now release. The excess energy that keeps you up at night has been expelled from your calves. Your calves are now ready for sleep.
Next, squeeze your thigh muscles and hold for one, two, three seconds. Now release. The tension that was once stored there has been released. Your thighs are now ready for sleep. Feel the lightness that has cloaked your legs. Your legs feel weightless as if they could float up to the ceiling. Focus your attention on your buttocks. Tighten your muscles in your buttocks for one, two, three seconds. Now release the muscles. The tightness in your buttocks and lower back has been relieved. Your buttocks and lower back are now ready for sleep.
Focus your attention on your abdomen. Squeeze your abdominal muscles for one, two, three seconds. Now release. The anxiety that has been stored up and deterring sleep has been released. Your abdomen is now ready for sleep.
Concentrate on your chest. Tighten the muscles in your chest for one, two, three seconds. Now release. The sadness that has been weighing on you and preventing your mind from resting has been expelled. Your chest is now ready for sleep.
Direct your attention now to your shoulders. Tighten the muscles in your shoulder for one, two, three seconds. Now release. The stress that has been building in the deep tissue of your shoulders has now been dissolved. Your shoulders are now ready for sleep.
Focus your attention on your neck. Gently tighten the muscles and hold for one, two, three seconds. Now release. Gently tighten the muscles in your jaw and hold for one, two, three seconds. Now release. Gently tighten the muscles in your mouth and hold for one, two, three seconds. Now release. Gently squeeze your eyelids tighter for one, two, three seconds. Now release. The tension that was held in your face has now been released.
You are safe and you are relaxed. Allow yourself to feel safe and relaxed in this space.
Instead of the ground, you see that there is a quiet pond below your tree and soon you will touch the surface. As you float towards it, you notice its stillness. There are no ripples or disturbances. The surface is smooth and clear; it is as reflective as a mirror. As you reach the water, you greet the surface with a delicate kiss.
You send gentle, peaceful ripples from your contact. Concentric circles echo out to the edges of the pond. This energy radiates from you until the last ripple falls away. It is now you on the water, undisturbed and immersed in the tranquility of your setting. You drift on the surface of your unconsciousness. You feel the warmth of the water beneath you and surrounding you. The water is so soothing that you feel yourself getting heavier. You feel as though you could keep floating deeper and deeper beneath the surface until you fell asleep.
The relaxation that you feel now is beckoning you closer to rest, to deep sleep. Notice how relaxed you are at this very moment. Notice how soothing the sensations are in your body. Breathe in the relaxation that the water provides. Breathe out any tension you have.
I am going to count down from five. When I reach one, you are going to fully embrace the peace that has engulfed you and lose yourself in sleep. You will feel yourself slipping into a calm and serene rest.
You think of the still surface of the pond, and how it provided safety for you, the leaf. The calm water is summoning your sleep.
You feel the warmth of tranquility ripple from the top of your scalp and down your neck. It glides through your shoulders, radiates through your chest and stomach, and finally glazes over your legs. You are encompassed by this sensation.
You feel your body become heavy and you softly sink a little deeper into your consciousness. You are safe and protected.
You feel yourself drift away, like your leaf on the still pond. You float away, quietly into the night.
You are now asleep, resting and at peace.
Breathe in, Breathe out. Breathe in, Breathe out. When you wake up, you will be renewed and refreshed and ready to take on the day. You will be ready to conquer the obstacles of your life now that you have conquered sleep.
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