Upload Our Relaxing Sounds On YouTube

You are free to use our sounds in your videos on YouTube. That is mp3 sounds you have paid for on our website and not free music downloads. However, you can’t monetize or earn any money on our relaxing sounds on YouTube or on other online platforms, nor sell our music to others, that is illegal because our sounds are copyright protected. You can only use our sleep sounds on videos that you have made or where you are the video copyright holder. Use our relaxing sounds respectfully and mention our website (sleep2sound.com) in your video description. Observe that you might get a notice from YouTube that the sounds you have uploaded are copyright protected, that is just a precaution from their side as a warning. We have no control over that, that is just Youtube’s policy to inform you that the sounds are protected from monetization.

We are a total of 19 music artists who contribute to the relaxing sleep sounds production at sleep2sound.com. All 19 artists are copyright holders. On YouTube, some of us go by our own names or companies. All of us have agreed that purchased sleep sound mp3s from this website can be uploaded on YouTube.

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